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Baldwin Loco Works official photo, Wb 297, 1898

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Truck to Westport

Wb 292 on a low loader, heading out of Coal Creek.

Wb 292 on Pearson's low loader, heading out of Coal Creek, Seddonville, New Zealand. PHOTO: Hugh McCracken

Wb 299

Wb 299 struck trouble on the way out of Coal Creek. The low loader trailer hit a large rock in the creek bed, breaking a tie rod. Although first to be salvaged, it was to be another week before Wb 299 made the trip to Westport.

Wb 292

Thankfully there were no further problems encountered with Wb 292. Once loaded onto the low loader trailer it was a slow careful trip down the temporary track formed on the creek bed.

A pause to tighten chains, then a 45km journey to Westport. The loco was quite a load for the aged truck, requiring assistance from a second truck to surmount a short, sharp rise over the Chasm Creek tunnel, just west of Seddonville.

The route passed Wb 292's old stamping ground between Ngakawau, Granity, Waimangaroa and Westport. A last glimpse was had of the Denniston Incline whilst crossing the Waimangaroa River. Thirty years previous the loco had been towed north for dumping and a rusty fate.