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Baldwin Loco Works official photo, Wb 297, 1898

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Salvage of Wd 356.

Wd 356 front section buried in bank.

Bill Prebble helps uncover the front section of a Baldwin Wd class near Pahiatua, New Zealand. PHOTO: Hugh McCracken

Wd 356 middle section buried in bank.

Peter and Craig Milburn with the main frame section of Wd 356 near Pahiatua, New Zealand. PHOTO: Hugh McCracken

Front section discovered

During World War Two at least one Wd class 2-6-4T Baldwin locomotive frame was dumped as riverbank protection for the Wairarapa line near Pahiatua, New Zealand. Initially a front section was discovered, comprising the cylinder/smokebox saddle, front third of the frame, leading pony truck and leading driver.

A weekend was spent uncovering the frame, dissecting it into managable portions and transporting the components to the restoration base near Wellington.

Middle section

A later discovery unearthed the centre section, main and trailing driving wheels and the remaining portion of bar frame. The rear third of the Wd frame was not located, but would pose little trouble to fabricate, being rolled steel plate that is bolted to the main bar frames.