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Baldwin Loco Works official photo, Wb 297, 1898

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Salvage of Wb 299.

Crane lifts Wb 299 out of the mud and silt, Coal Creek.

Lifting Wb 299 clear of her resting place of thirty years. PHOTO: Hugh McCracken

First lift

Wb 299 was the first to be tackled, lying higher than 292, and posing fewer problems. Boulders were removed from underneath the loco, the back end lifted and swung towards the stream bed. In a few moments it was turned upright, and readied for lifting.

Lift relatively straightforward

Wb 299 was dead-lifted, the low-loader backed underneath, the loco then gently lowered onto the trailer deck. Well into the night 299 was parked up at a neighboring farm. End of day two!