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Baldwin Loco Works official photo, Wb 297, 1898

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24 June 2003 WMR No.9 page.

Added new page for WMR No.9, which became NZGR class N 453 in 1908.

9 December 2002 Home page.

Added link and summary of the Rimutaka Incline Railway project to baldwin-steam.org.nz homepage.

13 October 2002 Salvage pages.

All Salvage pages revised to XHTML 1.0 standard, some minor editing to content.

9 September 2002 Research note 5. Dumping documentation

Research at National Archive, Christchurch, uncovered documents detailing how Wb 292 and Wb 299 came to be dumped into Coal Creek, Sedddonville, West Coast of New Zealand. New page.

9 September 2002. Revised history pages.

Updated pages to xhtml 1.0.

31 August 2002 Reseach note 4. Bunker modifications

Illustrated note on modifications that were made to increase bunker capacity for the Wb class. New page.

13 Sep 2001: research/3-299-survives.html

Wb 299 twice survived scrapping, at the end of first boiler life, and in 1955. New page.

12 Sep 2001: research/introduction.html

Revised to an index page for other research pages. Original content moved to research/1-298-appearance.html.

9 Aug 2001: Search forms

Revised, using external javascript to clear input field when clicked. All pages to be updated.

14 May 2001: loco/356.html

Amended following recent advice suggesting that Wd 356 was not sold to the Wilton Colleries, Ngaruawahia.

14 May 2001: loco/324.html

Wd 324, a Dunedin-based member of the class. Previously unpublished photo and brief history. New page.

23 Apr 2001: research/2-298-landslip.html

A newspaper article dating from 1899 details Wb 298 running into a landslip.